Call For The Antifascist-Panbalcanic-Internationalist Demo In Thessaloniki

Saturday, 10th March
11:00 Pre-Gathering At Libertatia Squat
12:00 At Kamara

After an intense period of hostility and attacks to squats by state and fascists (Termita, Empros, Karagiannh, Panetoliou, Anw Katw, Favela) it is clear that the squats are always a main target for the enemies of freedom. Especially after the mass meeting in Thesalonikh and Athens and the nationalistic delirium for Macedonia, the neo-fascists decided that they have support and they started to attack with hatred as their weapon.

It’s common after these nationalistic issues and interactions to have the spread of right wing extremism, because of the social legitimation that occurs. We feel as squatters responsible for the improvement of the squatting movement and not only and we feel that we have to give direct answers to these actions and attacks.

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