What is self-education?

Self-education is the way we can choose the knowledge we want in a free and autonomous way. It is one of the most useful pieces in the development of the human potential and the critical thinking.

This knowledge can come from different sources, especially with the development of Internet and the new technologies. We want to take part of this movement by generating new spaces where self education can be a new tool for the development of the resistance movement and our communities.

Why self-education?

Self-education is a disobedient response to an education system that implements huge technical knowledge but limits critical thinking and the complete development of the human potential, by using faulty evaluation standard systems.

Just an example… According to teacher Frederick J. Kelly (inventor of multi-choice questions): “This is a test created for the low classes”. After many years Kelly repudiated his idea, claiming it was an inadequate method. After that, he was dismissed from the Idaho university because of the rest of educators and the press from corporations.

You can check our activities and timetables on Indymedia or Kinhmatorama. Our goal is to host but also participate in many kinds of self education workshops and classes. Some of our running projects are:

  • language classes: Kurmanji, Spanish, Greek, English, Arabic, etc.
  • Digital and physical defense
  • …and anything YOU want to propose.

How can you help?

From our squat we can give some spaces and tools, but in order to make the self education center successful we want your knowledge, so if you want to take part on this project, you only need to contact us, or visit us during our weekly vegan collective kitchen every Sunday at 15:00 or in our weekly political assemblies every Friday at 15:00.

Perwerde, perwerde, perwerde.