Vegan Collective Kitchen


We regard meal time as one of the most sacred moments of our life and a time of bonding in a friendly and more loose environment. Eating all together we break the privacy and the detention that the state already imposed to us years now. We understand and we like these moments to be not only for eating and laughing together, but also about exchanging ideas and visions, strengthening our relationships and encouraging political fermentation… We would like to regain the importance of common time cause that’s how we understand the concept of community.


Because we found squats as the most liberated,self-organized,self-managed and collective battlegrounds where spreading can take place.Squats should promote collectiveness and give ground for common activities.Talking about many things and analyzing for example the situation of food and the direct relationship of it with capitalism. Point the political effects of it and try to solve these kinds of problems by proposing practical alternatives. We consider and we vision squats to be not only sleeping and relaxing escape lands or alternative lifestyle meeting points,but be self-education and theory/practice training centers.


Based on the above we will try not to repeat anything and at the same time to fulfill the question marks.We feel that we should have space for outside people (individuals,neighbors,comrades…) to let new ideas come to us, to promote the models of squatting the benefits and in general to connect the squat with other people outside of it. One of the most important purposes of a squat should be the spreading of ideas and the sharing of knowledge both sides. To begin with we can talk about the project itself.About getting food without contributing to capitalism and even better sabotage him. About the vegan revolution in food that nobody really cares about. Talking about producing our own food.And stop being guilty as well with the torturing of animals.We will not talk about this anymore… We think that everybody knows… We will not have products of tortured animals to our collective kitchen.


Because we consider everything happens and survives during a constant struggle. Cause we want to talk about many things with the outside people and try to understand their positions and maybe in some cases what they think that forces them to do it. For example the bad information,the misleading by media and the doctors regime. About unsufficient health in a life without meat. Try to build a relationship that lasts and not a limited edition of us. To show that we are here and we remain here and we really want to make something that it will last …


Because it is the practical implementation of righteousness and compassion to all animals, which is designed to eliminate all forms of exploitation and violence to which they exist for reasons of food, clothing, footwear, entertainment, experiments, etc. Vegan nutrition is an ideal diet model supported by recognized scientific bodies and university faculties.
At the same time, it is the most viable way of eating, since a person who consumes animals and animal products requires 18 times more soils than they need to feed a vegan.
Today, 70% of world agricultural production is intended for livestock farming, at the same time that 82% of malnourished children live in countries whose crops are predominantly used as feed for animals to be consumed by western countries.
Finally, livestock farming has a major impact on the environment as it is the main cause of the greenhouse effect, water pollution, desertification of 1/3 of the planet, deforestation like Amazon and the extinction of countless animal species.


In closure our goal is to manage to have meetings with other people coming to squats,but not in a strict and tight political environment. We don’t want to repel someone, but someone to attract. To attract people for building a community between us, encouraging people to open new squats and horizontal projects contributing to the confederation of liberated spaces…