Call for defending the occupation of the Hambach Forest

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The Hambach Forest has been occupied for five years.

People have been building and defending tree houses in order to protect the trees they are living on. Officially, the forest is owned by RWE, an energy transnational that does not only want to kill the thousands-of-years-old forest, destroy habitats, dispossess and displace residents from the surrounding villages to generate power. With its production of lignite in the Rhineland along it is responsible for 30% of Germany’s CO2 emissions.

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Solidarity to XM24 squat

As international, self-organized collective based on anarchist principles we believe that international solidarity represents the strongest weapon that the movement has. We are all aware that this weapon can be used at different levels, from words to direct actions.

As living squat and self-educational center Rosa de Foc of Exarchia, we believe that is essential to express our solidarity to all the squats and battlegrounds that are under attack from the state’s repression apparatus.

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