Hands off Afrin!

The late-breaking invasion of the Afrin region of Kurdistan undertaken by Erdogan’s fascistic regime, threatens only more destruction, massive loss of life and more imperialist chaos in the Middle East. Clustering around this small region, and watching like the vultures they are, all the different imperialist interests stand to the side, waiting to move for their own sordid gains, just like the Prussians and Versailles around the Commune of Paris in 1871.

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Technological sovereignty

The 2nd volume of the Technological Sovereignty manual is out! This is recommended read if you are interested in learning ways of reclaiming access to technology, which has become the exclusive property of a few.

It has been written and edited by comrades from Calafou, an eco-industrial community in Catalunya.

Of course, it’s open and free for everyone to read. Here it is in English, Spanish, French, or in the original version. Enjoy!