Kurdish Lessons

Bi xêr hatin!

Rosa de Foc is proud to present the beginning of the self-learning season. During Fall 2017, Winter and Spring 2018 we will be facilitating different classes and workshops to learn theoretical and practical tools of self-management and autonomy. Together we will learn languages, use of liberation technologies, digital and physical self-defense, and whatever YOU want to propose.

The course is dynamic and open to participation. In RdF there are no teachers or students, no exams, and no registration fees; people freely teach what they know and learn what they don’t know.

In RdF however there are schedules. And we like to respect them. Respect for schedules means respect for your comrades.

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Vegan Collective Kitchen


We regard meal time as one of the most sacred moments of our life and a time of bonding in a friendly and more loose environment. Eating all together we break the privacy and the detention that the state already imposed to us years now. We understand and we like these moments to be not only for eating and laughing together, but also about exchanging ideas and visions, strengthening our relationships and encouraging political fermentation… We would like to regain the importance of common time cause that’s how we understand the concept of community.


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